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Questions and Answers. General questions.
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Q. I will be traveling to the Moscow area in two weeks. Is there availability for a MiG flight in that week? What is the cost of the flight only?
Minimum timeframe of 16 days required to pass the security clearance for Zhukovsky Airbase. We need to have your passport in order to initiate security clearance!
St. Petersburg L-29, Yak-52, Yak-18T and TL-2000 flights DO NOT require security clearance and a short notice order accepted online!

To see the exact flight price, please visit our Flight Prices page.

Q. I was told by the representative of another company that they are the only licensed agent in America to sell flights on Russian aircraft in Moscow. Is it true?
Not true, Zhukovsky Flight Institute (the owner of the operation at Zhukovsky Airbase) does not issue such licenses.

There are no provisions on signing any contracts with Airforce of Russian Federation by any privately owned Company - Zhukovsky Airbase and Flight Institute belong to the Airforce of Russian Federation.

Q. I do not understand why FlyMiG.Com prices are considerably lower than elsewhere?
There are many reasons for that. Some of them are:
    · FlyMiG.Com flies more pilots at Zhukovsky Airbase from all over the World than any other company!
    · We specialize only on flights at Zhukovsky Airbase and that is what we do.
    · FlyMiG.Com directly connected with Zhukovsky Flight Institute management. No middle men.
    · We have the best business structure in the industry.
    · FlyMiG.Com does not spend thousands of dollars monthly on advertisement. Instead we rely on "word of mouth" as well as on advanced handling of all promotional aspects and processing orders on fast and timely manner.
    · We have exact and current flight prices posted on our Website and we are not trying to hide them. It saves time and money for us and our customers.

    · We take pride in our quick response time on requests we receive and order processing.
    · We own the structure and companies handling our business in the United States and Moscow.
    · All our communications are fast, direct and secure.

Q. Do I need to be a pilot to fly at Zhukovsky Airbase?
Absolutely NOT! Anybody who can take the excitement of the flight and have desire to fly could fly Fighter Jets at Zhukovsky.

Q. What are the health requirements?
We would advise you to consult with your physician before you make a decision to take a flight at Zhukovsky.
If you do have pre-existing health condition and your load limits are lower than would be without health condition - our medical personnel will make their suggestions on a flight plan and our pilots will fly the Jet according to your requirements to make your flight pleasurable.
In case our medical personnel discover something that might prevent you from taking a flight - you will be immediately advised on a situation.

Q. I am over 6 foot 5 inches tall. Can I fly?
In most cases - YES!
Please contact us today to discuss it further. Depending on your actual height we may need to make some adjustments in a cockpit to make you feel comfortable in flight.
     - additional information

Q. What is minimum/maximum age requirement?
Minimum age of the person who can fly at Zhukovsky Airbase is 17 years of age.
There is no maximum age limit. The only concern is the pilot's health.

For pilots under 18 we would require the following documents to be submitted prior to flight reservations:

  • Signed and notarized parents' consent.
  • Doctors observation within last 30 days and clear written statements on:
    • absence of health issues as far as body under-development, heart problems etc.
    • height and weight of the person
    • ability to handle minimum physical G load
    • doctors' contact information including address and telephone number
  • Citizens' passport for security clearance.
Copies of the above documents should be submitted VIA email attachment at least 35 days prior to the actual flight date. Originals must be brought to the airbase on the date of the flight.
FlyMiG.Com will handle translation of the documents at no extra charge.

Q. Do I get to fly the Jet?
You will be given instructions on a pre-flight briefing according to your existing flight skills. Pre-flight briefing will include tactical and technical data of the Fighter Jet you are about to fly and you will discuss all the aspects of the flight.
Our flight instructors are highly skilled professionals and they want to make sure you will get the greatest time in the air!

Q. What should I wear when coming to the Airfield?
Best answer would be to be dressed according to the season of your visit to Russia and your personal preferences.
When you will be dressed-up in a flight suite itís best to wear some pants or jeans and shirt underneath. Our driver will drive you all the way to the Jet on the airfield, so you donít have to worry about getting cold while moving on the airfield.
You will spend 20-30 minutes on the field before the actual flight and that is when you may get cold during winter season.

FlyMiG.Com will take every measure available to keep you warm and comfortable during your stay in Russia!

Q. How long is the whole trip to Zhukovsky?
When your flight order placed we provide you with the complete schedule of your trip based on services requested and flights booked.
Usually trip to Zhukovsky for one flight takes from 5 to 7 hours depending on traffic condition, time of the year and your hotel relative location to Zhukovsky town.

Q. Who are the pilots?
Pilots who fly the aircraft are the first class pilots. Most of them are the test pilots for the Gromov's Flight Research Institute.
Flight Research Institute conducting aircraft, avionics and other tests for the leading aircraft design bureaus in Russia.

Q. What about helicopter rides? For example, Ka-52?
Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer helicopter rides. When we add new aircraft - information will be posted on our pages. To keep updated on our Web Site changes - please subscribe for appropriate notification(s).

Q. If I am a licensed pilot will I be given more opportunity to fly the aircraft?
Yes. You will have more "stick" time in the air based on your flight experience.

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